Boston Cream Poke Cake

Delightful and easy, the Boston Cream Poke Cake blends the richness of Boston cream pie with the moistness and portability of a poke cake.
The list of ingredients is one of the most often asked questions about this dessert. A detailed explanation is provided here:
What Steps Must I Take to Guarantee an Ideal Ganache Consistency?
Ganache is a stunning dessert made with chocolate and heavy cream. But don’t let its seeming ease of use fool you. For that perfect glossy, silky finish, finding the correct consistency is crucial.
What You Need To Make the Cake
The following items, in addition to the one box of butter yellow cake mix: egg yolks, water, vegetable oil
measuring 6.8 ounces 2 containers of instant vanilla pudding, each 3.4 ounces (please note that you will not need to use the full second container).
4 cups of full-fat milk
vanilla essence, 2 tablespoons
When making Ganache
20 milliliters of butter
1 cup of chocolate chips that are semi-sweet
cup of milk chocolate chips
one-third cup of heavy cream
one teaspoon of vanilla essence

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